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The Peculiarities of Maintenance of Inflatable Attractions

The inflatable attractions have been enjoying popularity recently. They can be differentiated into trampolines and trampoline complexes and park attractions. These are mostly street attractions where you can excellently pass your time in attractions, squares ,rest zones trade complexes and even in child's playground. these attractions have a lot of positive sides. First in absence of any mechanics and technician they are not too expensive, they are simple in maintenance they enjoy the love of their customers and bring a set of positive sensations. Inflatable park equipments have unlimited opportunities of design and thematic decoration, the manufacturers can design inflatable attractions under order.

  Second from all types of park equipments the inflatable attractions are the most mobile and light in transportation and setting. They are easy in setting anywhere if there is an adequate large and even space and supply of energy. Due to that the rollers of inflatable attractions can be removed to different regions of the city. Just for that reason the owners of such attractions are frequently invited by organizers of different festivals and holidays .And that, as you understand, Is  an additional profit and considerable one.

What is necessary for the setting of inflatable attraction. First of all it is an even space with  the size of a complex. And as it has been already said energy supply for the work of ventilator(the power consumption 1km/hour).The point is that the inflatable attraction is pneumatics, that is, they work on constant pump which allows to increase the safety of application automatically regulating the pressure inside the elements of attractions depending  on the load. Technical service of inflatable attractions is relatively not difficult, it can carry out one or two persons. It is important to follow the herein instructions of safety during the maintenance. In the conditions of accurate maintenance trampolines and inflatable complexes are reliable absolutely. but there are circumstances which may lead to the decrease of durability so in this case the maintenance may be dangerous. First of all it is the maintenance under unfavorable weather conditions (rain, thunderstorms, hailstorm, strong wind).According to the instructions you should lower a little the air in the product and stop the maintenance until the weather changes for the better. While there is low pressure the maintenance of the inflatable attractions is forbidden. The following may result:

-damage of the fabric, cut

-decrease in power of ventilator

-blocking with rubbish of the inlet for air

In this case the rerun of customers is possible only after averting the defects. Categorically forbidden the maintenance of the attraction if the ground connection of electro conductive elements is broken. At last you should stop the maintenance of the attraction in the case when there are more people than it is allowed or there is a wrong manner of behavior.

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