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Risk Factors in Business Connected with Children's Attractions

Financial investments in the field of entertainment prove its value all over the world and Russia is not an exception. In order to get a profit and not experience any difficulties you should always keep in your mind the risks which attend the business of children's attractions. For the beginning the field of risks is up to the choice of the entertaining complex. Very often the beginners in this sphere are grabbed by one of the two contrary tendencies. Either they tend to economize on everything and get one or two cheap attractions or vice versa striving for making a lot of money they purchase set of attractions for different category of entertainment. the first steps are fatal for different reasons. For the beginning you should not economize on the quality because the security depends directly on the safety of the attractions and that means the reputation and the profit of the owner. Both  aesthetics and originality of the attraction play a decisive role in the choice of your attraction you need to realize that you are not a monopolist and the business rivals are very seriously close at your heels. besides getting a hill or a trampoline you will be a loser comparing with the owners of mini complex of entertainment where there are not only hills and trampolines but also other attractions. Second tendency is the absolute contrary of the first. One should not work at once and for all. For the first period it will be more reasonable to choose a definite group of customers and try your utmost to meet their demands. The children at the age of 3-7will not enjoy the attractions presupposed for children at the age of 12-15 and vice versa. Let's take other factors which can throw obstacles on your way as the owner of attractions. For open air attractions the first problem can be the weather. it is actual factor especially for those who have inflatable attractions. For fixed trampolines and trampoline complexes the most dangerous thing is the rain, for water attractions it is cold water and storm. In case of changing the weather for the worse your guests must have an opportunity to stay in close place and continue to have their rest. It will be better to have a summer café.

In any business another factor is the working staff. The larger the complex is the more employees you have to hire. The ideal variant is when you have technician(for services of inflatable attraction, as a rule, two persons will do),the ticket collector, animator for children and vendor of goods. It is not obligatory for them to have special skills but they must constantly follow the rules of maintenance, rules of security. Meanwhile the animator must engage the children in play for parents to rest a little. For that a great set of plays and entertainment, pedagogical experience and skills are required to get on with the children. Undoubtedly, safety is  the risk factor in attraction rent is required to keep the attractions in perfect state, not let the customers break the rules of security. The same with the workers: all the rules of maintenance must be kept and followed accurately. 


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