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The Most Expressive Attraction in the USA

The manufacturers are, of course, the company Walt Disney World with their worldwide popular Disney lands. The wonders of engineering are called ''Mission'', ''Space'' and costs over 100 millions of dollars.

As the experts insist this is only the first swallow among too expensive, nice and difficult attractions which entertainment parks of the world establish competing with one another. It is an unordinary rise which followed the world's crisis of industry of entertainment of 2001 when many large parks were on the point of destruction. Many people mention that nowadays there has begun a real revolution in the market of attractions. a set of worldwide companies in this sphere confirm that they have not recovered since then. Meanwhile the fact, that they tend to work on new attractions and plan to invest hundred millions of dollars tells that there has begun a "new wave" in the industry of entertainment.

For instance, Vivend's Universal Studios company which has declared about his decision to spend more than 100 millions of dollars on three new attractions, which will be dedicated to the famous film "Mummy", as well as to "Shrek" and "Jimmy Neytron" loved cartoons by adults and children..Walt Disney keeps pace with them too. Not having managed to put in the maintenance simulator "Mission", "Space" they already started a new project. In California's Disney Land there is an attraction "The tower of horror of twilight zone'. The representative was informed that it would cost him over 75mil.of dollars. As Bred Reeks told the journalists the vice president of the company "World of Disney" now parks of entertainment can equally compete with other high technological entertainment. however, still the project "Mission", "Space" has not surpass any attraction neither from existed nor from project still in formation. it is not only the most expensive all over the world but also the attraction standing so near to reality. As the first visitors tell us about that miracle ,it claimed a lot of money. according to the first visitors of that miracle it was worth spending a lot of money. Attraction is a kind of simulator of the start of a rocket and the same technique was used for its production as well as simulators of Johnson Space Center in Huston for trainings of the cosmonauts NASA. The customers of the attraction possess a sharp sensation which feel the cosmonauts flying to the space.

At the first phase of the attraction the visitors are pressed into their seats with acceleration forces 2G which model the flight of a rocket and the flight is over with a short instant of absolute zero gravity. It is interesting that "Mission", "Space" are the only attractions of the company Disney was advertised on national television. in the result of which the day of the launch of a product there arose such an agiotage that there were a lot of people standing in line. though the journalist did not fail to remark that the administration several times had to declare technical break and call additional cleaners with mops. 


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