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Parks and Attractions in the Guinness Book of Records

The oldest and constantly working park of attractions in the world is Danish park "baken" in  Clampenberg, established in 1583.at that time it was not called a park. In the cities of Medieval Europe there was spread an expression "gardens of entertainment" these were the ancestors of modern parks of entertainment. Such gardens were a place for holidays, dances, rides, fireworks. Most of the gardens of entertainment disappeared at the beginning of the 18th century but Baken became a notable exception.

The most haunted part of the last decade is Tokyo Disneyland. During 1990 this park visited over 79,11mln.which is nearly more than half of the nation in Japan126mln.and increases the indicator of attendance of any other park of the world. In new decade the number of visitors was increasing, for instance, in 2000 there were 16,5 mln. people. The park which has most of the attractions is called "Seder park of amusement" in Sandusky USA the total number is 68.By the way, it is a very old park which has been working since 1870.There are 14 roller coasters among them which are more than in any other park of the world. One of them is 'Millennium Force' established in 2000 it surpassed the Statue of Liberty in height. The largest park of attractions in the world is a large complex of attractions which is set every autumn especially for October festival of beer in Munich(Germany).The visitors can enjoy over 50 different attractions. In the centre of the park there are several roller coasters for instance Olympia looping ban with five rolling which is designed by a famous German constructor Anton Schwarzkopf.

The best roller coasters: The oldest classic roller coaster is called "Lip the dips". This coaster is in park "Lakemont", Altuna USA. It was constructed in 1902 by Eduard Joy Norris Company and from 1999 it was fully reconstructed. And here is the wooden roller coaster "Scenic railway" in Luna park (Australia)was opened before public in 1912 and has not been reconstructed since then. The project was designed by an American La Markus Adna Thompson who is considered the parent of modern roller coasters.

The highest roller coaster is called "superman, the escape" in the park of "Hill of 6 magic flags "Valencia (USA)is a hill with two tracks and on vertical rolling. It reaches to its height 126,5m.The attraction was constructed by the engineers of Swiss firm ( Intamin  AG). Gondolas for 15 people with a strong motor flies from unbelievable height and turns into vertical plane with speed 160 km/h.

The largest Ferry's wheel is the British Airways London with a diameter 135m.It was put into practice in 2000.Each of the 32 modern cabins can accommodate 25 passengers. From the height of the wheel there opens a panorama of London 48 km away. Ferry's wheel for the largest number of visitors was constructed in 1895 for Eastern exhibition in London (Great Britain).The wheel had 10 cabins of 1 st. class and 30 cabins 2nd class with accommodation of 30 people. The height is about 84m.

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