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The History of Attractions all over the World

As soon as a man realized various social needs he began feeling the necessity of entertainment. It is desirable that they were various, exciting and breathtaking. Still in Medieval Europe during the fair and carnivals there were built a kind of pre image of park of attractions. In Middle ages, by the way, there appeared the concept ''attraction'' which comes from French word ''attraction'' involvement. The first attractions were extremely simple: In Summer there were swings and merry-go-rounds in winter-ice-run. In short, the first park of amusement was established in 1583 not far from Copenhagen it was called ''Baken''. What is the most thrilling is that they have been working till now. In Russia the same slides and swings were the favorite entertainments of the population from times immemorial.

However, you could not call them attractions. During his reign Peter 1 started establishing parks with any kind of entertainment for amusing the king's noble persons. In the middle of 18th century  a famous Russian scientist engineer Andrey Nortov invented mechanical ''slide hills'' and after several decades soldiers of Napoleons ''Great army'' seeing the Russian National fun ''Slide from a hill'' during the march in 1812 thought up now a very popular name all over the world ''Russian coaster''(and do you know that in other countries the same way they call what we now call American roller coaster).After the triumphant end of the war Napoleon in Russia was involved in the industrial production of ''Slide hills''. In 1884,the Americans unperfected and developed that system and soon there appeared mechanical slides in New York with carts on the rolls that descended along the rolls. After several time in 1897 the Japanese took the idea of building such attractions.

American ''roller coaster'' is the classic genre of the attractions. Many other attractions were thought up. The boom of opening new parks of amusement rose a thunderstruck in the States at the end of 19th century. The reason of that is that popularity was quite uncommon. It were trolley buses. The point is that, the owners of shipping companies were losing the greater part of their profits on weekends as the number of visitors was decreased. American businessmen striving to attract the customers suggested to create parks of entertainment at the terminal stations of trolley buses reasonably thinking that the citizens would often visit there .In the result of all that during the 2 last decades of the 19th century over one and a half thousand parks were established. These entertaining establishments became so popular that entrance to their territory became charged, this way increasing their profits. In the USSR the boom of parks of amusement arose at the beginning of 1920-s.In 1928 there appeared the central park of culture and rest after Maxim Gorki which is the largest one in Eastern Europe. With the start of the World War Second the boom was over. Even decades after the end of the war the world development industry of attractions was slow. So, it is known that in 1955 Walt Disney turned to its partners for lending him 100.000 dollars for the construction of the park and everywhere they were rejected because the undertaking was considered unprofitable. Due to his resolution the sphere of attractions for family rest, in fact, rose to a new level. The brave Mr. Disney put all his shares and constructed the first  Disney Land in Orlando-a park about magic journeys through unbelievable country of famous cartoons. His intuition did not turn him down, the park really turned to be extremely popular. After then the construction of attractions spread all over the country. After several years in Arlington (State Texas) was finished the construction of the theme park ''Six flags over Texas'' as a main theme served as American History and in Neshville was constructed Opriland the theme of which was also connected with native history in the style of country music.

Several parks were established in Jackson (state New Jersey) ''back to nature'' with the name ''A great adventure'' and ''Safari'' in the country of lions. In these parks there is an open zoo, where the animals are kept nearly in natural conditions. In 1988 in Asia there opened the largest park and it is already the largest closed park ''Lote World'' with 7562 square km. In 1992 Parisian Disney Land, the most famous park of amusement, started up in Europe. 

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