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Attractions are the Joy of the Children and Adults

Nowadays a great place is given to a family rest in our country. If before in any park you could find the same collection of attractions, now the situation has been changed both in quantity and quality. Children's attractions are not only in parks and squares but also in sanatoriums, boarding houses, trading centres. Little lovers of entertainment grow more tempted in the choice as well as their parents who demand more security, aesthetics and interest of the attractions for their children. That's why the organizers of the attractions should carry out the most difficult task to imperfect everything for children of different ages, providing maximal set of positive feelings, the ability for their harmonious development, safety of the entertainment. The planners aboard accumulated rich experience of meeting the locomotive, emotional, cognitive demands of the children through different play systems and children's attractions. In our reality that kind of activity is new that is why the market of children's is still in the process of formation.

Whereas one should mention that in that market today there are presented all the fundamental groups of attractions which are thought up not only by foreign but also native producers. These are park attractions, street areas, play labyrinths, aerial guns, trampolines, soft boxes, water attractions and etc. Play labyrinths and trampolines are the best means of the splash of child's energy, development of craftiness, coordination. Here both children and teenagers can compete together at their heart's content or to examine all the ins and outs of the complex alone.

This type of attractions is the best means of forming social skills as a child playing in such kind of complex, meet another children, get acquainted and interact with them.

Park attractions are based on the harmonized psychology of a child through their strong emotions(excitement, fear).Above suspicion nervous and excitable children are not allowed to ride on extreme attractions, It won't do others any harm. Soft boxes, children's rooms, close spaces and etc. will grab children's attention, for instance in trade complexes while mother is doing her shopping. Water  attractions are very popular as from times immemorial the effect of water on people has been known. Water gives high mood and calms, develops motional skills, craftiness, coordination of children.etc. 


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