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How to make money through attractions

In summer people feel the need of having a rest. It does not refer only holidays but also recovery of one's strength and emotional state in spare time after work. For that in summer all the conditions-heat, the sun, all the possible water pools starting from seaside up to little river flowing through the city, forest, parks and other places of rest. But natural conditions are not sufficient for full and interesting unforgettable rest. There is a fine niche for business connected with organization of attractions for vacationers. Attractions as any other product have their targeted auditory.

You should not think that everyone the old and the young can use the same attraction. Of course, there are universal attractions(for instance, Ferry's wheel)which are suitable for everyone. But at the same time all the attractions are differentiated into attractions for the adults, for teenagers and elder children and attractions for little ones. The factor of success depends on your choice.

In general, a great role plays distinct and rational planning in the realization of the project as well as in different tasks. So that is why business-plan is required .First it will be a good argument for the benefit of your investors, second will help you to make your competent job and make head or tails from its details. The type and place of attractions depending on your targeted authority is the first thing to what you have to pay attention. We remind you that you will have several categories potential clients. These are adults, parents with children, teenagers and elder children as well as little ones. Think yourself who will be your customers, do not try to do what is above you. You will have neither skills nor means to do. Differentiate your auditory and they will like your attractions. For example, if you've decided to work on water attractions and you like children's beach so you can create water slide with waves. Ride on bananas will be great both for adults and teenagers. If your customers are mostly parents with their children you may create slide with a kind of cascade or attraction a kind of cascade or attraction a kind of ''slippery football' or something like that. For adults who are inclined to the extreme the best thing for them is the catapult as well as a ride on bananas, great water slides. take into account that in any case you will have to get the permission for setting the attractions so that's why before the purchase you had better choose a suitable place for their placement. Of course the most profitable and charming place for the setting of the attraction regardless of its type and auditory it's a frequently haunted place. It can be a park of culture and rest, square near trade complexes, beach and etc. If you think of attractions to be a source of a serious profit you should know that only attractions are not sufficient for real competitiveness. You have to think over of creating at least not so large complex of entertainment. On one hand it is a bit unprofitable on the other it is in considerable demand.

People today like trampolines and water complexes(mini-aqua parks).In order to establish mini-aqua park it is enough to take a little territory of seashore, set several hills accounted for different levels of complexity, mini-pools for little e.g. Jamaica, catapult, organize a ride on bananas, ''slippery football'' etc.  You will need stalls with soft drinks and light snacks, sale of balloons and souvenirs. In park zone you may establish play station getting trampoline, inflatable attraction( a kind of labyrinth),several inflatable hills.

s and constructed the first  Disney Land in Orlando-a park about magic journeys through unbelievable country of famous cartoons. His intuition did not turn him down, the park really turned to be extremely popular. After then the construction of attractions spread all over the country. After several years in Arlington (State Texas) was finished the construction of the theme park ''Six flags over Texas'' as a main theme served as American History and in Neshville was constructed Opriland the theme of which was also connected with native history in the style of country music.

Several parks were established in Jackson(state New Jersey) ''back to nature'' with the name ''A great adventure'' and ''Safari'' in the country of lions. In these parks there is an open zoo, where the animals are kept nearly in natural conditions. In 1988 in Asia there opened the largest park and it is already the largest closed park ''Lote World'' with 7562 square km. In 1992 Parisian Disney Land, the most famous park of amusement, started up in Europe.

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