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Play Station-The Most Difficult Engineering Construction

What is children's play station?

From the functional point of view it must be mini-centre of entertainment where children of all ages can play, amuse themselves, develop physically. It must not bore, it must give positive emotions and be safe. From the technical point of view we get the most complicated, thoroughly regulated engineering construction. Children's play station is not simple but multiple unit construction demanding qualified and adequate approach in the development of the project, preparation and setting. It is necessary to count on the load thoroughly and put a great safety factor as it concerns the safety of the little children who will visit the  complex.

We recommend you to choose reliable and safe play complexes from authorized manufacturers. The warranty of the quality has special certificate called "certificate of Conformity", there must be epidemiological opinion letter.

The quality of play complex must be expressed in operating life, qualified and thorough fitting of constructions, the use of materials with long-term service and safety factor. look after the component which are used while fitting the attractions: fabric, net, rubber, connector fillers for soft forms and etc. You must display serious approach to the choice of inflatable and trampoline complexes as the security of the customers directly depend on the quality and durability of the material. The best fabric for them is the high quality fabrics PVC with density 600 gr/m 2.all the sutures must be sewn minimum twice, thrice and the sutures with more load(trampoline, mats) must be glued with special intensifying streaks.

All the stuffing (hills, labyrinths, bridges and etc)must be fixed thoroughly, for the children not to fall from the height or get tangled. The thematic decoration of the entertainment complex is an important aspect. The play is such attraction is more interesting than in the attraction with simple abstract design. you should take care that all the decorating elements combined aesthetic attractiveness, functionality and safety. Due to the design of the complex you can grab the visitors' attention, especially children, if you are able to choose the needed theme and decoration popular among the children, Simple play complex can be  a castle of a princess, underwater kingdom, magic country with heroes from cartoons, jungle and etc. All that will bring the visitors a lot of joy and you will get a fair profit. meanwhile you should not forget that all the elements of decoration must be qualitative as well as the basic constructions without stopping, blocking up and etc. 

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