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Ride on Attractions Increases  Self-confidence

Recently in Great Britain there has been an interesting investigation carried out by scientists, which proves that if you want your child to be sociable and sure of himself you should take him to different attractions.

The scientists from Consulting Company "Devis Luis" found out that visiting parks of attractions and riding on fascinating attractions promotes the development of the children's communicability and self-confidence in himself.

Having analyzed the forms, the scientists discovered that the overwhelming majority of the respondents whose upbringing passed in favorable condition and not sad, now belong to the number of confident, sociable, socially-adapted people. On the other hand those who had sad and dark childhood memories now are very self-reserved, with low self-assurance and lonely people.

Further on the scientists began analyzing the happy childhood memories.98% of respondents informed that in conscious age they accepted and kept in mind mostly the vacations. Family rest is probably the most essential element of memories affecting the successful socialization. In those memories the theme parks and attractions play a great role. Then it turned out that 2 kinds of the happiest and the most confident respondents consider family rest and visiting the parks and thrilling attractions the most important type of family pastime. Dr .David Luis thoroughly examines emotions which have the children on attractions. It is a mixture of delight and fear which together creates unforgettable "feeling of soft horror". the doctor proves that "the emotional training" has an absolutely long positive effect which allows the children to overcome the fear, boost their self-appraisal and become more happy.

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