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The Peculiarities of Maintenance of Water Attractions

The sun, the water, the beach...It seems there can be added minimum facilities in the form of cabin of change of clothes and etc., this will do for the joy of vacationers. But modern industry of entertainment claims absolutely different concept of rest in water.

To boost the attraction and charm of beach zone it is enough to take the complex for water entertainment. Water attractions are a great, new sensations and positive emotions for vacationers and guaranteed profit emotions for the owners. According to statistics even not so wealthy customers enjoy spending money on such kind of water attraction. You can choose one of the two ways of collecting the money from the customers. First you can put ticket collector near each type of attraction. second you can take the whole pay for making use of the whole beach zone. Modified variant of the second way is to sale in the entrance to the beach zone cards with different prices depending on the frequency of visit, e.g. for 3, 5,10 attractions. Just the second variant in its different modifications today has become the most popular. here is the most typical list of attractions, which are usually set in such kind of mini-aquaparks.for the beginning-separate pool(paddling pool) with sea water  for small children, it will free parents of the necessity to watch after them every second if they went too far to the sea or not. t is possible to combine fixed hills with a slide into the pool: type of cascade, waves) and mobile hills kind of "waves", "high hills". It will be great if there are water swings, water trampolines as well as extreme attractions(e.g. catapult).Riding on a log, or a banana gives dynamism and interesting breathtaking sensations to the vacationers. So, you have made up your mind with the choice of attractions. Now you have to know several details of setting and service which will enable you to make your business without any trouble. For the beginning what refers to the children's pool We do not recommend you to choose pools with the depth more than 0,6-0,7 m for the safety. of the children. Elder children will not go there to splash around the pool as the pool will not bear their activeness (it will be boring for them ) besides no any child will draw, slipping  in the water by chance. What concerns the fixed hills there is much to gain from a kind which is with a fall into the pool, and not immediately into the pool. Nothing can do a harm to it, even storms, vice versa when strong wind blows accidentally, the waves grew higher just the hill with a pool is very popular with the vacationers. In case of the need the pool can be used without a hill and children can swim there but they will not be allowed to swim in the basin. If you need universal hill we advise you to choose models with length 15 m of a cascade type. These hills are safe and at the same time attractive both for the children and adults. If you can afford besides these hills can be set in two variants. They need pier. You can set such hills near the beach,(pier, cutwater) then the necessity to fix special pier decreases. Another variant is to set up a floating rig on the top of the tower. On one hand it increases the payment ,on the other such hill can be set in any place without any connection. We advise you to set the floating rig in the distance from the beach. Anyway electricity is needed for water pump which will pump the water in the hill. The consumption of energy is near 1km/hour,the consumption of water from 4m3 /hour and more. As we have already said storm is not threatening for water attraction with a pool. For hills with a decline directly into water basin, there is a rule of security which must not be neglected. During a storm such hill must be removed from the water basin. It is not a long process and it is guaranteed that the hill will serve you longer and will preserve its appearance and security. 

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