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"ITALPARK" LLC is the official representative of the SBF "VISA Group"- the leading Italian producer of park amusements. Italian SBF "VISA Group" is the leader in park amusements industry


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Our Company is the exclusive representative of another Italian Company - "Art Project", specialized in the construction of thematic park of amusements.

1. What is the difference between thematic park and usual park amusements?
    Ordinary parks are called "mechanical". There you can only experience emotions that emerge as a result of moving
    equipment. In thematic parks, visitors' attention is drawn to another emotional level. These emotions can cover a
    whole scenery which differs from the real life. A thematic park is a place where customers are amused by not only
    mechanism but also the beauty of the design.

2.  What is the demand for thematic parks in Russia?
    There is no thematic park in Russia yet. Maybe the time has not come yet, but it is not far from reality.
3. Suppose you have made up your mind to construct a thematic park of amusement. Where do you have to
     start from? How to find a new theme for a new park of amusements so that it becomes an interesting and
     comprehensive  park for customers?
   However banal it may sound, you have to start from scratch. The second phase is the conception and only after that
   comes the theme. How to find a theme? Ask your children what they like most. They have the answer and it is the
   right one.

4. How to choose park amusements for a thematic park?
   Amusements for all age categories are required because you have to attract everybody. What attraction particularly
   - is really a matter of practice.

5. To construct a thematic park should be on the basis of an existing park of amusement or started from
     scratch,that is - the  choice of the place. What obstacles can an entrepreneur face while establishing a
     thematic park?
    In Russia there is an idea that a thematic park must be huge. In fact your own kitchen can also be a "thematic
    kitchen" if you make a theme for it. At present 
Russia produces small and not-so-expensive decorative elements
    which turn your park into a thematic one with average investments.


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