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Caroussels - It's interesting 

The History of Attractions all over the World
As soon as a man realized various social needs he began feeling the necessity of entertainment. It is desirable that they were various, exciting and breathtaking. Still in Medieval Europe during the fair and carnivals there were built a kind of pre image of park of attractions. In Middle ages, by the way, there appeared the concept ''attraction'' which comes from French word ''attraction'' involvement....

Attractions are the Joy of the Children and Adults
Nowadays a great place is given to a family rest in our country. If before in any park you could find the same collection of attractions, now the situation has been changed both in quantity and quality. Children's attractions are not only in parks and squares but also in sanatoriums, boarding houses, trading centers....

How to make money through attractions
In summer people feel the need of having a rest. It does not refer only holidays but also recovery of one's strength and emotional state in spare time after work. For that in summer all the conditions-heat, the sun, all the possible water pools starting from seaside up to little river flowing through the city, forest, parks and other places of rest...

Risk Factors in Business Connected with Children’s Attractions
Financial investments in the field of entertainment prove its value all over the world and Russia is not an exception. In order to get a profit and not experience any difficulties you should always keep in your mind the risks which attend the business of children's attractions. For the beginning the field of risks is up to the choice of the entertaining complex.....

Play Station-The Most Difficult Engineering Construction
What is children's play station?
From the functional point of view it must be mini-centre of entertainment where children of all ages can play, amuse themselves, develop physically. It must not bore, it must give positive emotions and be safe. From the technical point of view we get the most complicated, thoroughly regulated engineering construction....

The Peculiarities of Maintenance of Water Attractions
The sun, the water, the beach...It seems there can be added minimum facilities in the form of cabin of change of clothes and etc., this will do for the joy of vacationers. But modern industry of entertainment claims absolutely different concept of rest in water...

The Peculiarities of Maintenance of Inflatable Attractions
The inflatable attractions have been enjoying popularity recently. They can be differentiated into trampolines and trampoline complexes and park attractions. These are mostly street attractions where you can excellently pass your time in attractions, squares ,rest zones trade complexes and even in child's playground. these attractions have a lot of positive sides....

The Most Expressive Attraction in the USA
The manufacturers are, of course, the company Walt Disney World with their worldwide popular Disney lands. The wonders of engineering are called ''Mission'', ''Space'' and costs over 100 millions of dollars....

Ride on Attractions Increases  Self-confidence
Recently in Great Britain there has been an interesting investigation carried out by scientists, which proves that if you want your child to be sociable and sure of himself you should take him to different attractions.

Parks and Attractions in the Guinness Book of Records
The oldest and constantly working park of attractions in the world is Danish park "baken" in  Clampenberg, established in 1583.at that time it was not called a park. In the cities of Medieval Europe there was spread an expression "gardens of entertainment" these were the ancestors of modern parks of entertainment...

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